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Integrated Command and Control

The journey to digital transformation of our forces has been initiated, but the lack of adequate infrastructure to monitor innumerable datasets such as CCTV frames, ppts, docs, etc. seems to be a bottleneck for smooth and efficient functioning. The currently existing architecture falls short to provide relevant and comprehensive reports. To actually make sense out of datasets. Data analytics coupled with AI would be a force to reckon.

C1 AI solution provides you the freedom to collate data from numerous datasets and augment with AI to extract all the necessary information. Our robust solution is a quintessential blend of Data analytics and AI to provide you relevant actionable insights and improved transparency.


End-to-End Security

AI has been instrumental in revolutionizing security and surveillance. AI is rooted to become an integral part of security in identifying and alarming about any odd activities in real-time for law enforcement and corporates.

  • AI enables to execute improved visitor management and employee attendance with facial recognition. The robust system is built on deep learning algorithms and a highly intuitive UI to ensure repeated or one-time visitors don’t waste time waiting in ques.
  • The deep learning algorithms are also capable of detecting any intrusion. Our capable object identification and facial recognition algorithms can precisely distinguish between an intruder or an employee with the help of underlying modifications/ filtration criteria.
  • Our next-generation Predictive policing is a vital tool for collating and analyzing data. It outperforms the existing analytical tools with distinction by leveraging deep learning algorithms.
  • Criminal tracking and identification can be massively improved by integrating C1’s AI solution and with the right set of tools, it can combine all internal records ranging from videos/images, documents to social media to leave no stone unturned. Mobility and IoT among various devices can further help and customize tools to monitor web, location, mobile, etc.
  • Forensics analytical tool acts as a risk-mitigating tool for law enforcement agencies or corporates, it prioritizes picking on unethical practices and fraudulent behaviors to safeguard from any mishaps. The deep learning algorithms focus on learning continuously by finding patterns and cues to trigger alerts to solve cases or prevent damages. The forensics analytical tool can be highly useful in identifying financial frauds, corporate cases, criminal cases, etc.
  • C1 AI capabilities provide the next-gen video analytics platform to leverage machine learning to find relevant intel from petabytes of open source, structured and unstructured data in real-time.

C1 AI capabilities extend beyond corporates and can be useful for improving security in prisons, power stations, factories, and even on borders.


Chatbots and Cognitive Agents

Relinquish a human-like experience via our chatbots, which are designed to help you develop an intelligent, self-learning, progressive, and scalable AI-enabled conversational agent. It helps to automate and improve customer service via framework-based speech recognition and generation models. Chatbots helps in personalizing experiences for each customer and its usage extends beyond contextual customer care to shopping, banking assistants, search bots, voice user interfaces, and interactive kiosk systems.


Operations and Decision Support

Our smart AI solution prioritizes to improve operational efficiency and subsequent decision making. AI can identify loopholes, various risks, anomalies, and even growth opportunities to timely act and reap maximum benefits. It focuses on improving processes and reducing the risk of human errors, therefore, reduces financial, reputational, and regulatory risk. It only provides predictable output and quality, as machines are designed to follow the same/adaptive steps and algorithms consistently. Application of AI is vital in financial forecasting, risk assessment, inventory analysis, demand planning, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, and human resource management. Our intelligent AI solution caters to all operational activities and significantly improves the decision making with the help of actionable insights derived.


Big Data Analytics

The business world accounts for a large amount of data stored in the structured and unstructured format without any linkage or sense, invariably exploding with each passing year.

C1 AI solution’s data sources are extremely advanced to include a far more diverse collection of both internal and external, structured, and unstructured data gathered through automated processes and often executed in real-time.Extract greater value by analyzing historical data.

  • Identifying and coping with ever-changing customer demand/trends or fulfilling existing gaps. It can also be useful to improve customer service and benefits.
  • Setting benchmarks by collaborating internal and external data to enhance visibility.
  • Introduce a higher level of transparency and quality checks.
  • Leverage actional insights to gain opportunities and remove bottlenecks.

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