Are You Hesitant of Adopting e-Procurement?

In this Digital Age, every business is trying to reap the benefits of Information Technology to the fullest. The Internet has enabled businesses to stay connected with suppliers from around the globe. This has helped organizations overcome the dearth of suppliers, especially the industry specific ones. The enhanced competition due to the integration of the global market has helped organizations procure services and goods at extremely competitive prices. Still when it comes to procurement or tendering using Internet as a medium, people are hesitant due to a few factors, security concerns being the most prominent one. Let’s have a look at the factors that are responsible for this hesitation in adopting e-Procurement

1. Unwillingness to adopt change

Many a times taking the online route for procurement purpose poses a problem to the office bearers in picking up the nuances of the electronic system. It is basically due to the fact that the concerned officials are so used to the paper based procurement system that they tend to resist the adoption of e-Procurement. The reason behind this is the notion that e-Procurement platforms can be really complex to deal with. In fact the reality is totally different, the e-Procurement platforms have a simplistic user -interface which reduces the number of steps and the time involved. So, it is after all a good tradeoff, a little change can make the procurement process simple and less time taking.

2. Security concerns regarding the portal

e-Procurement portals involve transactions of hefty amount of money. Therefore, concerns regarding the portals are justified and should be dealt with, seriously. Hacking of e-Procurement portals is a possibility, but this can be avoided by adopting stringent security measures such as Data Encryption, password hashing, time stamping, etc. Encryption of data ensures that the data that is being transferred remains secure and cannot be tampered with. SSL enabling makes the websites even more secure.

3. Acquiring Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs)

In order to make the signing of documents and authorization digital and more secure, Digital Signature Certificates are issued by Certifying Authorities appointed by the Government. DSCs ensure that only the person in whose name the DSC is issued can submit or sign documents and can bring about any modifications in the process. People consider acquiring a Digital Signature Certificate to be a cumbersome process, whereas the process has been extremely simplified by the Government and anyone desirous of participating in tendering or procurement process can contact one of several agencies authorized for the purpose and get one’s DSC.

To conclude, it can be said that the hesitation in adopting e-Procurement is based on several misconceptions. Doubts, if any, should be clarified and e-Procurement should be adopted, as soon as possible, by businesses that are looking forward to streamlining their supply chain.

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