e-Governance can position Brand India globally

e-Governance is the new buzzword. ‘e-Governance in India’ as on today, throws more than 33 million searches. At a time when India is positioning ‘Make in India’ campaign strongly, successful e-Governance execution can help position India on a global arena. It will not only help in smooth governance but will also eradicate maverick costs incurred over channels that don’t add value. It has the power to reduce the time span and raise effectiveness of the projects that the government has undertaken.

Government’s vision such as NeGP 2020 is aspirational and can be a game raiser. This National e-Governance plan aims to make all govt. services accessible to the common man in his locality through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs. The investment on e-Governance in e-Panchayat, agriculture, road transport, CCTNS, e-municipalities and health, treasuries, employment exchange, commercial taxes, PDS, education, e-Procurement and e-district will build a better tomorrow.

The e-Governance opportunity, at this point in time, with central government pressing like never before is bigger than ever before. All said and done, what matters is execution. Successful execution of these projects holds the key.

At C1 India we are proud to have worked closely with several state governments such as Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of Gujarat in execution of e-Procurement projects with astronomical transactional values. Today, many of these award-winning projects serve as case studies to take forward e-Procurement initiatives. Our project for Government of Andhra Pradesh was nominated amongst top 20 innovations in the world in 2007 by Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government for Ash Institute Award. We are fully committed in taking this drive towards e-Governance through e-Procurement and other initiatives forward. Let’s build a better tomorrow.

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