FM radio Station e-Auction will be a Game Changer!

At C1 India we are driven by what we do and how it adds value to the entire community. We take immense pride in being the Auctioneer for FM radio station e-Auction because we truly believe it will be a game changer for following three reasons

1. Unlocking Value
It will help the government unlock value and determine price of radio stations through a smart algorithm – Simultaneous Multi Round Ascending e-Auction. As of now, this e-Auction will clear the way for 839 new channels to go on air in 294 cities. At a time when economy is lifting itself up, this e-Auction has created considerable interest amongst current FM radio station owners and potential new entrants.

2. Tapping Potential
Today, with a lot of floating population in tier 1 cities, one may debate if India still lives in its villages. However, there is significant population in tier 2 & 3 cities, which is bereft of entertainment and has very few opportunities to grow and earn a sustainable living. This will open doors of opportunity for young local talent to become radio jockeys and pursue exciting new careers. Local content will also get a boost.

3. New channel for reaching out
Due to low Internet penetration and low literacy levels in tier 3 towns, much of reaching out campaigns by FMCG companies use mobile as the vehicle. FMCG giants such as HUL and P&G have been running innovative advertisements on mobile (Voice – Ad RBT, Pre call inserts, IVR/OBD, End of call Ad) due to lack of other prominent media vehicles. With local radio stations setting in, it will be a very exciting proposition for these large scale companies to leverage in reaching out to their target segments.

Having already executed more than $40b worth of e-Procurement transactions, C1 India takes pride in the impact of our endeavours. We are keenly looking forward to creating a positive impact through FM radio station e-Auctions.

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