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In the last few years, almost all government processes and services have been digitalized, making governance more robust and efficient, and the trend is projected to go only upwards. Be it projects at the state level like Bhoomi, KHAJANE, e-Seva, or at the central level like e-Courts, e-District, MCA21, or e-Office, the government is heavily focused on making administration transparent and accountable. Also on the agenda of the government is to increase India’s rank in the list of nations having the ease of doing business, as well as making administration paperless to achieve the National Sustainable Goals of 2030.

Under National eGovernance Plan, twenty-seven mission mode projects (MMPS) were launched whose success is highly commendable, however, these projects still face a lot of issues that are yet to be addressed to make their functionalities immaculate and error-free.

Government & PSU Sector Challenges

  • Highly regulated process – Subject to probity.
  • Stringent compliance with guidelines – Procurement delayed because of bureaucratic processes.
  • Security – Public procurement being one of the most sensitive areas in Government processes.
  • eGovernance initiatives often delayed because of resistance to change.

How We Can Help

C1 India is a pioneer in e-Procurement and was one of the first to implement a state-wise e-Procurement project at a time when there were hardly any eGovernance projects to talk about. C1 eProcSuite is the most comprehensive, secure, and robust solutions available in the country – backed by 20 years of rich domain experience in serving the Government – Central, State, and PSUs and a highly successful, unblemished track record of providing the highest level of services to the Government sector.

The C1 eProcSuite complies with GFR Guidelines, CVC compliances, and Indian IT act. The offered solution is STQC certified.

We have implemented a unique, proprietary security framework which makes the solution tamper-proof.

Our implementations are some of the largest in the world and have reaped immense benefits in terms of Rupee value savings alone.

We offer best-of-breed e-Procurement solutions – e-Tendering and e-Auctions improving efficiency and transparency, brings visibility, reducing administrative costs, and negotiation cycle time.

We have a diverse portfolio of procurement solutions which includes inventory and indent management, e-Auctioning, e-Sourcing, vendor management, contract management, and risk management. With the focus of providing you the liberty to transform your supply chain as suitable to your requirements, we also provide actionable insights derived from our analytical tools such as expense management, budget, and spend analysis.

In this space, we have delivered some of the largest projects of international repute. Our client base includes:

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