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Contract Management Solution

Streamline your procurement process starting from strategic sourcing to the management of your vendors’ contracts and maximize savings and compliance.

Managing contracts made with customers, finding the best vendors for each activity, negotiating with them and managing the resulting contracts are some of the main missions of procurement organizations.

Dedicated strategic sourcing solutions help organizations manage the full contract lifecycle more efficiently. C1’s Contract Management software enables organizations’ key personnel to implement the best process workflow for contracts.

It covers all the stages of contracts - from contract initiation to invoice management, payment requests to payment status documentation, real-time deliverables tracking and reporting. There’s no need to create complex sets of spreadsheets to manage these contracts. C1’s Contract management System tracks and reports financial and technical progress and allows you to manage contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or even employees with ease.



Key Benefits

Shorten process and approval times

Improved contract compliance

Increased visibility and analytics

Easier savings and performance capture

Standardized contracts

Key Features of Contract Management Solution

  • Manage every phase of contract development from initiation through milestone definition, approval, execution, renewal, and expiry
  • User-defined access controls
  • Dynamic reporting and configurable dashboards
  • Alerts and reminders to track contract expiry, contract utilization and off-contract spending
  • Flexible approval workflow

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