e-Sourcing Solution

A robust platform to manage all your sourcing needs while driving you towards the path to savings & efficiency.

C1’s e-Sourcing solution is a robust platform that delivers the ability to source both simple and complex categories with ease and ensures higher sourcing savings through increased visibility into complete procurement process. Integrated into your execution and procurement processes, our solution can help you source better by providing:

  • Quick and easy to create RFXs for simple and complex sourcing activities
  • Easy to bid for vendor which supports detailed bids for services and direct materials
  • Gain visibility, segment spend, and identify savings opportunities
  • Remove carteling in procurement system
  • Reduce risk by finding better suppliers and innovation partners
  • Negotiate better pricing
  • Easy integration with third party applications
Tender Management System
C1’s Tender Management suite helps remove time-consuming and labor-intensive manual processes of tendering and get a complete transparency of an organization’s procurement process. This enables buyers to compile detailed tender contracts, invite private bidders to bid tender online, distribute tender reports and award tenders online.
Whether it is complex tendering or simple RFP/RFQ process, TMS Suite helps an organization in executing an effective e-Procurement strategy and make the procurement or tendering function hassle free. Hence, can ensure the transparency of the entire tender management process.
It takes care of complete procurement life cycle, starting from vendor or supplier registration process till awarding the contract.

Key Benefits

With a single, unified solution for your Tendering process, organizations can achieve significant savings and other top-level results including:
  • Maximized savings assurance up to 25% on maverick spends
  • Quick & easy to create RFXs for simple and complex sourcing activities
  • Complete adherence to the compliance process
  • Hassle-free, fair, and transparent process
  • Reduce risk by finding better suppliers and innovation partners
  • Negotiate better pricing
  • Highly customizable platform along with 3rd party integration

“Our Industry-leading e-Tendering solutions & services allow enterprises to save appox. 5 - 25% on marvick spend and bring transparency to the entire procurement process”

Key Features

  • Vendor/Supplier Registration & Administration
  • Automated Approval Workflows
  • BOQ List Auto Update/Extraction from Excel
  • Integrated Contract Management Solution (If required)
  • Indents or Requisitions
  • RFP/Tender Creation, Revision, Extension
  • Tender Activity Tracking and Reporting
  • Integrated e-Auction (If required)
  • Supplier Management
  • Decision Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Easy Search
  • Easy Interaction with Suppliers
  • Notifications/ Alerts
  • Easy Integration with 3rd Party System
  • Audit Trail & Archiving

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