Auction Management Software

A technologically advanced solution that manages the most complex and challenging negotiations with utmost transparency in real-time to ensure that you'll get the right price for the right item at the right time.

  • Leverage saving opportunities up to 40% and direct cost reductions
  • Reduce cycle times with better-managed processes via automation
  • Enhanced market transparency with better prices through real-time dissemination of information
  • Increase buying/selling reach and foster new business relationships
  • Highly intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • Assists businesses of all sizes and verticals


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Up to40%

Cost Savings

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Auction Management Software

A next generation software to suit your needs

C1 India's industry-leading e-Auction platform is a SaaS-based negotiating tool for maximizing savings and creating value. It helps you procure goods & services at the best price, thus making the maximum impact on the bottom line.

Developed exclusively for bidding requirements across industries, the solution empowers you to automate complete vendor interaction over the web for effective price negotiations.

Our best-in-class web-based e-auction solution encompasses extremely reliant characteristics such as:

  • Quick set-up of online auctions with minimal supplier (bidder) training
  • Connects buyers and suppliers with ease
  • Buyers have better control over their spends
  • Multicurrency and multilingual capabilities of the platform cuts down the negotiation cycle time

The system can be customized through various settings and integrated with 3rd party applications with ease. We also provide Reverse Auction services whereby our expert team of consultants can conduct the auction for your enterprise.

“Achieve greater process efficiency & save up to 40% on addressable spend by implementing C1's cutting-edge Reverse e-Auction Solution”

Key Features

Easy to Use and Implement

The intuitive UI ensures that even an untrained or infrequent user in developed procurement BU can seamlessly operate and work with the e-auction solution/ platform quickly and easily. Friendly training and support services are included to serve you better.

Top-notch Security

C1 India's auction management system is highly secure as it is PKI enabled, SSL enabled, backed by strong Encryption, includes timestamping and audit logs. The solution has been audited for Security by empanelled auditors, a directorate under Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt. of India and many other independent auditors.

Fail-safe Assurance

To maintain business continuity C1's auction management system ensures a fail-safe clustering environment along with DR site, back up data storage, and recovery process facilities.

Highly Customizable and Powerful

C1's e-auction software capabilities extend to advanced controls for complex bid negotiations. It also includes multi-round staged negotiation ability using pre-bid, live event, and post-event features. Our e-auction solution can be customized as per client-need and integration capable with 3rd party systems. You can also create your auction catalogue in Excel and quickly import all your lot information. The Inline editing function allows you to make bulk changes.

Salient Features

Our e-auction software encompasses numerous prominent features such as SMS and e-mail alerts, a role-based dashboard for all users, dynamic web forms, bidder profile and registration, pre-bidding, auto-bidding/absentee bidding facility, auto-extension of auctions, hidden identity feature for bidders during the process, multiple auction types to suit customer needs, detailed MIS reporting feature, and invoicing.

Multilingual & Multi-currency Facility

To maintain business continuity C1's auction management system ensures a fail-safe clustering environment along with DR site, back up data storage, and recovery process facilities. Multiple currency options are available – however, the bid prices quoted by the bidder can be converted into the required currency by using the loading factor option available in the application.

Auction Types

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Forward English Auction

This auction type involves one seller and multiple potential buyers, where the seller sets a minimum acceptable bid and entertains bids that are incrementally higher than that minimum. The forward auction is extremely beneficial for maximizing returns on sale, reducing inventory stocks, and promotes proper optimization of stock assets.

Sealed Bid Auction

Bidders submit bids for item(s) being offered at auction and other bidders can view these bids in bid history. In this auction type, there can be no ties. Each bid that a bidder submits must be higher or lower than his last bid, based upon the auction format (Forward or Reverse Auction). The order is awarded to the highest (Forward Auction Type) or the lowest (Reverse Auction Type) bidder.

Yankee Auction

This auction type is similar to the Dutch Auction type except instead of a single-line item, it's now a whole lot that is put up for bidding. Each bidder specifies their respective highest bid that they're willing to pay for the whole lot. The one with the highest bid wins the entire lot.

Dutch Auction

A typical Dutch Auction initiates with the lowest possible price, complemented by gradual increases at regular intervals. The auction ends as and when a supplier accepts the price in each interval. Here, the prices are governed by the buyer organization and bidders must acknowledge the price. This auction type is highly useful as it can be completed very quickly, easy to implement and understand.

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