Procure to Pay - An Intelligent automation to unveil the spare spending

All organisations make purchases and all suppliers need paying. So it is logical and essential that the data received from procurement and accounts payables which comes in multiple formats and compliance requirements has to be digitized.

But the lack of organizational discipline creates an environment of not adopting and implementing the tools that succour conversion of external into corporate data. Because of this, many businesses are failing to realize the benefit of investment in procurement technology. This is leading to low contract compliance and control, lack of transparency on spend, low productivity and poor reputation with the suppliers.

C1 India’s Smart procurement solution automates the full purchase-to-payment process. It puts knowledge, brain and analytics at the centre of the process empowering you with full control and visibility over the entire lifecycle of a transaction - from the way an item is ordered to the way that the final invoice is processed - providing full insight into cash flow and financial commitments.

It connects procurement and account payables through an intertwined business flow that automates the process from identification of a need, planning and budgeting, through to procurement and payment. It improves cycle time, financial and procurement visibility, efficiency and control, enabling you to get better value out of your P2P operations.

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