How does one migrate to e-Procurement?

For those working in government enterprises, a comprehensive appreciation of the e-Procurement process is of utmost importance because the government has been pressing on e-Governance initiatives more than ever before. Procurement professionals working at different levels in private companies often find this migration overwhelming to start with. And, with growing participation of private sector employees in public procurement, it is need of the hour to shun all the myths around e-Procurement and champion it to address modern day procurement challenges.

Going for Reverse e-Auction for the first time, here’s what you should be cognizant of.

1. Analyse what is that you may like to e-Procure? Read our interesting blog – ‘What all can you e-Procure’. As we enjoy business today, there is much more that you can add to your e-cart than ever before. Yes, you can e-Procure marketing services, human resource services, facility management services, construction and maintenance services and what not, beyond just the raw material and packaging. So, make a conscious choice to e-Procure something that can make a substantial difference.
2. Again analyse the supplier market. Generally, as a thumb rule, items that have substantial spend value attract good participation. So, look at it from this point of view and zero in on something that will invite good number of bidders to participate. This will help you make your debut with reverse e-Auctions, a success.
3. Appreciate the rules of the game. Work with a good partner who has had good experience of conducting e-Auctions to take you through the rules of the game. Remember you are the one procuring, so, you can define the rules of the game. But, before you do that, make sure you appreciate all the nuances involved.
4. Ensure that you don’t only know the system well, theoretically, but are also trained to be a good administrator to facilitate e-Auction smoothly. Request your e-Auction software provider to train all the suppliers and in-house procurement team members.
5. Last but not the least; don’t forget to inspect the ground before the match. Ensure that system is properly configured as per the rules decided, test it if you may like to. Also post e-Auction; ask for a detailed MIS report to further anlayse the participation of bidders.

Needless to say, acquire as much comprehensive information about e-Procurement framework from your e-Procurement partner / Auctioneer. Feel free to ask for an opportunity to get trained on the software. You might like to request for a training program with focus on hands-on training with development of practical skills rather that acquiring merely theoretical knowledge.

Make your first reverse e-Auction a huge success! It will definitely add to your confidence in e-Procurement.

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