Why does e-Procurement make sense? What’s the point?

If the thought of moving to an e-Procurement process gives you chills, you’re not alone. Everyone that is in the industry will tell you that it is a hard thing to handle as well as master. However, as the times have changed, the way procurement managers work with the procurement of services have also evolved alongside technology. e-Procurement has been around for years now and it can help your business immensely if you figure out the right way to get it done!

We have listed 5 of the reasons why we feel that e-Procurement makes sense and alongside that we have explained its benefits as well. Here at C1 India, we strive to be the best entity to come to for your number one e-Procurement solutions! If you are looking for a solution to simplify your company’s procurement process, head on over to C1 India’s e-Procurement Software System.

So why does e-Procurement make sense in today’s day and age? What’s the point? Well, let’s find out together!
  1. Reduces costs: e-Procurement saves you money by preventing duplicate spending, leveraging volume buying, and saving you costs associated with paper-based systems (for example, the cost of stamps to mail your paperwork).
  2. Higher productivity: Once you’ve learned the system, e-Procurement is less time-consuming than traditional procurement. Having your records stored electronically makes it easier to submit reusable tenders. Meanwhile, use of templates means paperwork can be filled out more quickly. It makes things so much easier and all your procuring needs is just there at the push of a button.
  3. Transparent spending: With an online procurement system, it offers a great procurement solution because now with everything online and open for the people in the company to see, it’ll be easier to trace transactions. The entire process is smoothed out and with a click of a button, you will be able to see past transactions, pending transactions and even future transactions.
    Electronically conducting your procurement makes it easier to write and analyse reports on your procurement systems, meaning you can ensure that your procurement procedures conform to your policies.
  4. Eliminates paperwork: Tired of finding new space to store all that paperwork? With e-Procurement, everything can be saved and stored electronically. This not only saves you from needing more room, it also makes the process of finding older tenders more simple.
  5. Better control over process: Having an e-Procurement system just means that you have a centralized control system for all your procuring deals and tenders. This will allow a standardized process from start to finish. Having more control over approvals and just how many deals you want to start is a huge advantage.

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